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Moving Forward Together

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Moving Forward Together is now found on
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Services in Our Sanctuary!
On November 14 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Redwood City (UUFRC) has invited us to join them in person at 2124 Brewster Avenue, RWC. November 21 and December 5, we will be offering in-person services inside our own UUSM sanctuary. We have space for up to 50 people on a first-come-first-served basis. 

We will also continue to offer zoom services every Sunday. The link is always in the UUSM weekly bulletin and on the UUSM homepageWherever we are and however we attend, Sunday services are always at 10:30am. 

Hybrid services do require extra time and energy. If you have any to spare, please contact the UUSM office or email us at movingforwardtogether@uusanmateo.org.


If you are interested in joining us in person, be sure you’ve submitted your COVID agreement, waiver and vaccination confirmation. Contact the UUSM office with questions. Don't forget: Masks are required for all UUSM activities at all times. 

We also invite you to use the UUSM cottage garden for small group meetings. There’s plenty of seating, cushions, umbrellas and a picnic table. It’s a lovely little private space. There’s also a laptop available if needed. Contact the UUSM office for reservations.

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We are striving to...

Keep our community  engaged.

We want to create a smooth transition from 100% online to multi-platform worshipping. It's vital that congregants feel connected and inspired.


Energize our families, small and large. 

We recognize that families of all shapes and sizes have borne the brunt of Zoom fatigue, and we are working to bring back in-person experience--with bravery, intelligence and respect. 

Consider the needs of all of us. 

We want you to feel that UUSM is your home regardless of your age, race, physical ability, gender, sexual orientation, and even location in the world. A place where you can be you.

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